#ICANHELP educates and empowers students to use social media positively.

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Join us in San Francisco for #Digital4Good 2018

We are hosting #Digital4Good at Google's offices in San Francisco, CA on Sept 17, 2018. WE NEED YOU to nominate a student for #Digital4Good 2018. 

We had multiple winners last year who created websites, started a positive hashtag, and did some amazing school projects. You can see their videos here and get some inspiration. 

#Digital4Good is about youth voice and celebrate what's positive online and offline in our schools and communities. Help us celebrate student voice by nominating someone you feel is a good candidate today!

Supporting educators and empowering students. 


Students as part of the solution

Forty percent of teens will turn to their friends for help with social media. The more we can do to educate and train students the more successful we will be when dealing with cyber issues. 




Just the Facts

Nine-two percent of teens are online daily, 39% of teens received some sort of online harassment last year, 48% of teens don't turn to their parents for help with problems online, and 40% of teens will turn to friends for help. 




We train students through engaging and interactive assemblies. These assemblies run forty-five minutes to one hour. We do these assemblies for groups of 100 and have presented to groups as large as 3000. 



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We will bring stickers and a few shirts to give away at each assembly. You can order more shirts through our partner at Kustom Imprints or order stickers through us. This is a great way to remind students of the assembly and the positive messages going forward in the school year. 



Students as part of the Solution

If something happens on social media students will see it first. The more we can do to train, guide and support students online, the more likely they are to take positive action. 


The Shirt

#ICANHELP shirts are a great way to inspire and remind your students to be positive online.

Whether you are looking to create a custom school shirt or want to pick up one of our multi-colored originals, click the link. 



Our Social Media Partners

We are fortunate enough to work with multiple social media companies to help spread a message of positivity.