Positivity Week by Tanner Schinderle

Positivity is key to improving your school campus, environment and spirit. Without positivity, it is hard to unite your school. That is why my school recently did a positivity week. Our goal is to improve spirit, positivity and unite our school.

Throughout positivity week, we put on different activities and events to improve our schools climate and culture. These events included a kindness chain. The kindness chain has different positive notes that could simply say “stay positive” to a positive quote of kindness. This activity we did throughout the week to try to get the most participation. We also offered a raffle ticket to earn candy to anyone who took part in the kindness chain. This encouraged more students to participate in this activity. Another positivity activity we did was a post - it wall of positivity. The positivity wall was similar to the kindness chain, except we used post it notes, and hung the wall in front of the school.

Although we want to spread positivity to students, we also want to spread it to teachers and staff as well. To do this, we did kindness notes to teachers and staff. Any student could write a note to a teacher or staff member and say why they have made their school year better. At the end of this activity, each teacher and each staff member had at least one note of kindness addressed to them.

Besides these activities, we also had lunchtime activities going on throughout the week including bowling, cup stacking games, and plunger flip. These activities encourage students and staff to spread positivity and help change our school without realizing it. Positivity week is the best way to improve your school campus as a whole. To help with positivity not only on campus but also on social media, we posted our activities encouraging students to participate in them, and we also posted positive messages on our instagram page. The use of instagram improved the positivity on our campus and in our community.

After our school experiencing many loses, positivity week was our leadership classes way of saying that everything is going to be ok no matter what. Throughout the week we saw students and staff spread positivity and we saw our campus climate and culture improve. We started a tradition at our school of positivity week that we hope will continue to improve our school for years to come. 

Triveni Patel