Struggles are Good by Linda Contreras

Every so often we find ourselves in a situation where something doesn’t go our way; either a test we spent hours studying for, a project we spent days preparing, or a speech you’ve been practicing for weeks somehow gets messed up. The work you put in didn’t reciprocate the desired results, and this leaves us in a state of learned helplessness. The idea that- if I’ve already tried and failed what’s the point of trying again? This thought can be harmful, as it can completely set someone off track and stop them, but when you start to think this, know that it’ll only push you.

As humans we like to believe that our struggles define us and sometimes we just can’t get past them. The struggles don’t define you, rather they are the way you get out of the struggle. Being a junior in high school, I’ve hit the wall of learned helplessness multiple times. Whether it was a test or a project I spent hours preparing for and I didn’t do as good as I thought I would. However, instead of letting myself fall into the same cycle of feeling not capable of accomplishing things, I let that motivate me. Life is all about one’s mindset and the way they see themselves and the world around them. A struggle isn’t a stopping point in one’s path but an incentive to work even harder the next time.

Whether it come to school assignments or life in general, the struggles one faces shouldn’t make you feel as if your life is halted. Or as if you have no other way of succeeding or coming from that struggle. From struggles comes incentive, and from incentive comes even harder work and motivation.

Triveni Patel