How Much Change is Enough Change by Linda Contreras


Everyday we see news on TV and posts on Instagram of violence, discrimination, and hate and wonder if we can do anything about. Sometimes the problem seems too big to be fixed, but more often than not, we think, “What can I even do?” This question discourages us rather than motivates us, because we feel a problem can only be fixed by one person. But instead of letting this question stump you, let it motivate you into actually answering it.

Chain Reaction

The reason we stop ourselves from pursuing change is due to the fact that we think our individual person can’t make enough change. That’s where people are wrong. One person can make as much change as a movement of people because it is that one person who sparks the movement and sparks the change. Take into account Rosa Park, she denied to give up her seat to a white man after sitting in the front of the bus. This one individual doing this one action, caused a chain reaction of events resulting in the rise of the Civil Rights Movement. The question shouldn’t be, “What can I do alone?” but rather, “what can I start?”

Dream Big, Fight Hard

Every change begins with one person seeking to do better for their community or even as big as for the world. If it wasn’t for so many individual dreams put together, the changes we have seen and benefited from as a society wouldn’t have occurred. If Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t dream of a nation where his kids can live freely, and if women activists didn’t have a dream that they can one day vote and be part of their government, no changes would’ve been made and no fight would’ve been fought. It’s important to have a dream and a drive to do better, but it’s equally as important to fight the good fight and push towards that change you wish to see in the world.

Since the beginning, the world has been full of violence, hate, and bigotry but it’s up to each individual to fight for what’s right and spark changes necessary. It doesn’t take a whole army of people, it doesn’t take millions of dollars, it just takes you. One person with a dream.

Triveni Patel