Can Sharing too Much Hurt? By Linda Contreras

When the Internet was first created, it was for the purpose of easier communication and exchange of information. Social media revolves around purely this- the constant sharing of what you're doing to either just your friends or the entire public eye who sees your posts. From what you had for breakfast to the college acceptance letter you got in the mail that day. Obviously sharing information online seems fun and practical, but how much information is too much information? Nowadays, it's common to have your email or phone number publicly displayed on your Instagram profile and your account on public. However, such exposure of personal information can hurt you and be used against you.

On Instagram, I had a public profile and displayed everything about myself basically. From the school I went to, to the friends I had, my family, and casual updates on things I was doing. I saw everyone doing this so it seemed okay for me to do this too, but little did I know the negative side effects of sharing too much. A while ago I had cut off an individual because I wasn't interested in a relationship with them and I blocked them on my phone and social media, but since I was public, he somehow managed to look at my profile and find my family and friends. He then proceeded to contact them personally through direct message and he knew where I went to school and the area in which I lived. It was in this moment when I realized that me publicly sharing my life on social media eventually had a negative affect since it allowed for someone to easily access and creep into my life without my awareness of it.

In my case, I shared everything until something bad happened to me personally. Don't wait for something bad to happen to you. Instead, make the first step and set to your information to private. Be aware of those who follow you and know who does follow you and that you do know them and have met them before. Limit the amount of things you share to the public since too much will hurt you.

Triveni Patel