Spring Into Kindness by Malorie Bournazian


The time has finally come for the clouds to begin rolling away, the sun to emerge, and for our air to fill with fresh scents and lots of sneezing. The weather is becoming warmer, especially if you live in the desert like me, and it is time to start getting out of the house and enjoying the warm sunshine filling your community.  If you are still in school, you are currently approaching the final stretch of the semester. This time can be exciting, especially for those graduating, but it can also be a season of stress with finals quickly approaching. Spring is the perfect season to challenge yourself to try new acts of kindness and spread love and positivity in your school and throughout your community.

Promoting forms of kindness can help those experiencing stress and can simply spread more smiles. When someone is having a rough day or is stressed over something like an exam, a simple smile can shed light on the situation and give them a sign of hope. As cliché as it may sound, when you smile the world really does smile back. Challenge yourself to smile at five new people everyday during the season of spring because for some people your smile may be the only smile they see all day.

Aside from smiling, there are so many ways to display kindness to those around you. Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes. There are endless options when it comes to kindness, but here are a few examples of my favorite random acts of kindness:

  •     Write positive messages on sticky notes to leave on desks at school or work

  •    Pay for the person behind you in line or in a drive through

    • If their total is out of your budget, you can pitch in for a percentage and it will still leave them feeling just as loved and thankful.

  • Write “Thank You” cards for teachers, friends, family, or staff

  • Compliment a stranger

  • Let someone go in front of you in line

  •  Volunteer in your local community

  • While you do your “spring cleaning” collect your gently used clothes to donate to a local family or shelter in need.

  • Insert coins into someone’s parking meter

  • Buy flowers and hand them out at school or on the street

  • Write a letter to a Soldier

If you are someone that enjoys doing daily random acts of kindness, I challenge you to try new ones the season. If you find yourself uncomfortable smiling at strangers or showing them random kindness, that’s perfectly okay. Use this season as a chance to grow and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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Triveni Patel