Finals by Linda Contreras

"The harder you work for something the greater you feel when you achieve it." With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it seems as if everyone is under some sort of stress and it could apply to any grade level, whether it be junior high or college. The so-dreaded finals are scarily coming closer along with any other testing like AP testing or end of year projects. At this point of the school year, you tend to reflect back. For me personally, I dedicate so much of my time and effort to school and academics I wish I could've enjoyed junior year more. For others, the reflection revolves around their work ethic and the things they seek to change for the upcoming school year. Whatever you choose to reflect on, just be aware that you made it, you're here, you're almost done, we are at that final stretch. However, sometimes when we're at that final stretch it's when it seems a lot harder to continue. At that point, what do you do?

The end of the school year will forever be one of the mosts stressful things for me (and for others) because I have so much to do but it feels like I've burnt out and lost motivation to do anything. Right now I can honestly say I hit this point of lack of motivation but- I figured out a way to change that and hopefully it's applicable to everyone. Imagine this: you're at a track meet or watching the Olympics and it's a track event. The runner is doing a 4x1600 and has already ran their 3 laps around the track and is about to finish their 4th. In this moment of their final stretch, do you really think they're going to slow down? Of course not! They're going to run faster than they have in what feels like their entire life to reach the finish line and to reach their goal. In life and even right now at the end of the school year, it's so easy to think our goals are so ahead of us and we tend to slow down. But it is in this moment in which we have to glance back and remember the laps we've already ran and think, "Am I really about to give up now?"

Finals, AP tests, projects, and overall stress has creepily snuck itself into our lives, and it hits hard because it often times feels as if these goals or expectations won't be met. It is so important to remember and reflect on what we have already done. Whether it be the hundreds of essays, countless tests, and endless projects- we have already made it so far. We most definitely can make it to the end finishing strong.

Triveni Patel