Reflection by Linda Contreras

"The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it, there is nothing purer than that." (Rupi Kaur) There's a popular saying that goes around during the spring. April showers bring May flowers, and everyone associates it most with nature and all the pollen in the air bringing us the so dreaded allergies. I believe that saying applies to our inner person as well. Sometimes the showers of life can feel like storms, but the seed planted within us starts to blossom after those showers. It's vital for one to reflect upon their life, to reflect upon the person they once were, the person they are now. That reflection can either bring back somber memories that remind us of times that once were, or it can bring back amazing moments that allows us to reminisce. Whether it be good or bad, reflection allows us to take a look at the progress we've made throughout time; it can be school progress, work progress, or personal progress.

The word reflection has two meanings, a deep thought or consideration or the return of light and both coincide. When you look in a mirror, you either like what you see or you don't like it too much, similar to when you look back on memories or the person you used to be. Sometimes it's not all too good, and sometimes it hurts a lot, but a reflection is there to bring you light, since essentially a reflection is the return of light. That light can open our eyes for us to truly take in the progress we've made, the changes we've encountered, and the struggles we've endured.

Our reflection on ourselves and our life have so much power embedded within them and can make us feel better about our current position or situations in life. Take a day or two to reflect upon your life and upon who you are, and you’'ll see how far you've come.

Triveni Patel