Is It Worth It? By Linda Contreras

Often times in our day to day life, we find ourselves seeking instant gratification or satisfaction- the simple act of doing something in order to feel that certain emotion. For instance, an example of instant gratification can be watching an episode of your favorite show the night before an exam because of that desire to do so. Some examples can be harmless just for a moment of happiness or fun, but sometimes it can be harmful and one has to ask themselves if it’s worth it and a lot of the time, this harmful instant gratification takes place online.

 With Instagram and Twitter and dozens more social media apps available to users everywhere, instant gratification is constantly sought whether it be through the desire to achieve a certain number of likes within a certain time frame or to get a certain number of comments. Although this desire is relatively harmless, the desires of others can come with bad intentions and they often times seek gratification by doing something wrong or negative. These individuals find it fun to leave rude comments and find pleasure in making others feel bad. Fortunately, these people can be blocked but before you become one of those people who does that or sees anyone you know doing it, think to yourself, “is it worth it?”.

Triveni Patel