Bring Positivity to Your School -- Livestream the 2019 #Digital4Good Awards from #ICANHELP Coming September 16

Social media is often singled out due to negative posts and instances of bullying. Like any tool, social media can be used properly or misused to cause harm. By empowering students across the US to spread positivity, we can combat online negativity while improving the confidence and mental health of our youth while giving them the ability to use social media appropriately. Are you ready to bring positivity to your school? 

We would like to invite you to join us for the social media positivity event of the year -- the 2019 #Digital4Good awards from #ICANHELP on September 16. 

What is #Digital4Good? 

#Digital4Good is an annual event that celebrates social media positivity. Students from around the country who have used digital tools for good will receive awards while sharing their story and advice for their peers. This year’s event will be held on September 16 at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters. 

Don’t worry, just because you and your students can’t make the trip to California does not mean you can’t participate in the event! The #Digital4Good event will be livestreamed on 9/16 and it’s completely free to stream to your class. The stream will go live at 9:00 AM Pacific (10AM Mountain, 11AM Central, 12PM Eastern) and end at 2:30 Pacific. The event will begin with a pour hour of stories from students, celebrities, subject matter experts, teachers and others. It’s sure to be an impactful day of learning and sharing. 

Students receiving awards at the event have worked with faculty at their schools to develop plans to engage their student body in spreading positive messages and removing negative content as a community. They will attend #Digital4Good to receive their well-deserved awards, share their story, and provide tips, feedback, and advice that fellow students can use to bring positivity to their schools and online communities. 

Learn more about the annual #Digital4Good event and register here

What is #ICANHELP? 

#ICANHELP is a digital citizenship-focused nonprofit organization that has trained over 430,000 students, removed thousands of negative pages of content, and have awarded hundreds of young students using social media to improve the lives of themselves and their peers. 

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Want to know what’s in store for you and your students if you attend this year’s event virtually? Take a peek at last year’s #Digital4Good livestream.

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