Taking Risks by Melina Mofidi

Taking risks, and getting out of your comfort may be easier for some and may be harder for others, but if you’re looking for some tips to do both things, you’ve come to the right place. It may seem easy, but it could be really hard and intimidating, especially if it’s something you don’t take risks or get out of your comfort zone often, or at all. In this blog post, I’ll be going over some ways you can achieve taking risks, and getting out of your comfort zone! 

One of the first things you should do in order to take a risk/getting out of your comfort zone is to have a support group. Some examples are your family or a group of friends. Having a group to support you in taking risks, and things similar to this is crucial, because when you feel like giving up they are there to keep pushing you, and to make sure you reach the end. Now, it doesn’t even have to be a support group, it could even be just one person who supports you. As long as you have a support system, you are more suited to take risks.

Second, you should definitely not take extremely big risks, or do something that is way out of your comfort zone. You should think about taking smaller risks, like making new friends or going somewhere you’ve never been. Same goes from getting out of your comfort zone. You could try learning a new instrument or joining a club. Once you do the little things, you’ll be more comfortable accomplishing bigger risks, and it’ll be easier for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Another great tip is to agree to something you wouldn’t normally consider, and this also ties into moving towards your fears. Some examples of things you wouldn’t normally consider are maybe going skydiving or boating; it can even be something like joining a club. Moving towards your fears allows you to get rid of them and for you to experience new things. So, the next time someone asks you something like to going parachuting, agree because you never know what you’ll get out of it.

Last but not least, is keeping a list of growth goals/risks. First, let’s start off with progress. Seeing yourself and your progress is a good way of motivating you to keep going. You can keep a journal and write down new things you’ve done or the risks you have taken. You can even add pictures and a short description. It’s really important for you to keep track of the risks you take, and how much you’ve been getting out of your comfort zone. It’s important because it can help you see what you need to improve on, and your progress. If you see that you haven’t taken a risk in June, then you can tell yourself to do that. 

Now, moving onto growth goals. Having a list of growth goals is great too because it allows you to know what you’ll do next. Having goals helps you to be organized, and sets a vision for the future, which will help you to take risks more. Well, everyone, that’s all for this blog post. Let me reiterate the tips:

  1. Have a support system (either being a group of friends, family, or someone to support you).

  2. Take small steps/risks, and then gradually start to take bigger risks.

  3. Agree to something you normally wouldn’t consider/move towards your fears.

  4. Keep a list of growth goals/progress.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and stay tuned for the next one. Again, if you are struggling to take risks, or to get out of your comfort zone, make sure to come back to this blog post, and follow the tips! :)

Triveni Patel