Student film “Pressure” Offers a Glimpse at High School Life

(San Francisco, CA –September 17, 2018) – Pressure is the story of a high school student who comes under pressure from the expectations and commitments of her student life. The film starts in the hallways of her school and then quickly transitions to a pool of water showing the student attempting to tread through life and keep her head above water. The film is written by Madilyn Fahey and Jenna Galligan.

Originally released in 2017, Pressure received the Critic's Choice award at the 2017 IHSSA All-State festival. The pacing of the film is quick, jumping back and forth between shots of the student in the hallway and in the pool. Kim Karr of #ICANHELP explained, “We speak to so many students who feel like they are under an immense amount of pressure from social media to expectations on their schedules and life. Pressure does a great job of showing how students feel as if they are drowning in their commitments and feeling so overwhelmed.’”

A Decorah High School graduate in 2018, Jenna Galligan was involved in four films either acting, editing, writing and/or directing were selected to be part of the 2017-2018 IHSSA All-State Festival. This is the highest level of competition for speech contest in the state. Two of her films were selected for the Critic’s Choice award.  "Being heavily involved in the speech program throughout high school gave me an outlet to tell stories I needed to share, and my experiences there ultimately helped me realize that this type of work is something I feel really passionate about.”  Jenna is currently a freshman at University of Iowa in the honors program and works for The Daily Iowan, a student run news source on campus, as a videographer.  She is double majoring in cinema and journalism & mass communication.

Pressure is being debuted nationally by #ICANHELP’S #Digital4Good event being held at Google’s Community space in San Francisco, CA. #Digital4Good is an event to celebrate student voice by highlighting youth and their campaigns for positive social action. “Pressure is a great example of students using the tools they have to tell a story that is real and relevant to them,’” said #ICANHELP co-founder Matt Soeth. “By sharing these stories, students connect on a personal level and show us, as adults, what is really happening in their world.”

#Digital4Good is being spearheaded by #ICANHELP, a non-profit organization committed to empowering students to play an active role in improving the online environment. By uniting a broad range of students, educators, and industry people, the #Digital4Good event on September 17 represents a student-centered, student-led approach to solving some of the complicated issues and social problems in social tech use - students as part of the solution not the problem! It aims to raise awareness, offer real-world best practices, and celebrate the many examples of students using digital for good.

You can tune in live to see the premiere of Pressure, as well as hear from student speakers from across the country.

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