Let me be completely honest with you, this entire movement, project, etc. started as a joke. Yes! You heard that correctly, a joke! I was scrolling through Pinterest and found a slip that said, “I think you’re attractive.” I thought this would be so funny to print out and give to my friends. So immediately I screenshotted this and sent it to one of my best friends, Hailey Angeles. With her amazing designing skills, she started creating. Soon I had them printed and in my hand, ready to Spread Smiles. I quickly realized that these might have been just a TAD awkward. I began to think to myself, with a little bit of change these pieces of paper could have a huge impact. I began brainstorming to find different messages that would bring the same feel good impact but be more casual and accepted. Some cards were funnier, some were serious, and some were just right. This all led to the 2nd and personally, my all-time favorite card, “I Love your smile.” This card was the sweet spot between feel good and casual. Eventually this is the card that made it far and wide and is the most recognizable and used out of all of them! There are many more versions of Smile Cards from “You’re Rad” to “I Love Your Positivity.” We made them all. I began to look at these cards as what they truly are…day altering messages. This is evident when you pass them out. When you give someone a Smile Card, you see a glimmer in their smile which is beyond heartwarming and begins to bring people together. These slips, although small in size, have a large impact in the community and school atmosphere when they’re given out. It’s awe-inspiring how a simple piece of paper can become something much more powerful with a little ink and some love in your heart. I’m so grateful for everyone who has been part of this movement/project from passing out smile cards or helping strengthen the movement in any way, shape, or form. I couldn’t have got to where this is now without all of you. I’m so excited to look to the past to see where it started and now into the future to see where it’s going. Spread Smiles Org. is so ecstatic to help encourage all of you amazing human beings to help make the world a kinder place one smile at a time.

To bring Smile Cards to your school or community you can print them at home by downloading them on our website for free (www.spreadsmilesorg.com/smile-cards) or specially ordering the business card size by contacting Adam.SpreadSmiles@gmail.com!”

How should Smile Cards be passed out?

Smile Cards can be passed out any way that your world-changing heart desires! You can put them on windshields of cars, or face to face at your local coffee shop, with your tip at a restaurant, or even at your school! Where ever there are people there is a chance for you to Spread Smiles! There’s no exact way to pass them out but as long as your action is genuine you’ll be making a huge difference one smile at a time! Feel free to explain to them the story behind the cards and give them the resources to keep the love going and explain how they can get Smile Cards too! It takes 1 small ripple to effect everyone around you! In the next couple of months during the holiday season is the easiest time to pass them out since the spirits and kindness is at an all time high! As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out 1-on-1 and I’ll respond to you and help you out in any way I can! The more people out there Spreading Smiles the more lives are changed for the better!

The impact these cards have.

Smile Cards are in one word, impactful. They have the ability to change someone’s day from bad to good, good to great, and everywhere in between. It took me a long time to recognize the true power of these small yet powerful cards. When I was told the story that made me realize this power it was 10,000+ cards later. I was once passing out these cards at my high school, as I would do at random times throughout the years I attended Chino Hills. I don’t remember giving this amazing human a Smile Card but the action of taking the time out of my day to give her one was so genuine it shook her to her core. She was having a terrible day to say the least and wasn’t having kind thoughts or actions towards herself. Receiving the Smile Card made her realize that there WAS someone out there who loved her, appreciated her, and her smile. Little did I know that something that became so casual had an extraordinary impact. See, at that point in time I have already passed out thousands of Smile Cards. I didn't understand that a simple card had this power to change someone’s day until I was told this story. We are so caught up in the big grand gestures towards others rather than the important little things that happen throughout the day. The powerful moments don’t always happen with big budgets and tons of planning. They happen in the times you least expect it. When you have kindness in your heart and a just a tad of genuine effort you can make change in this world, one smile at a time.