#ArleighR Music Video Dance Camp

Hi everyone!  My name is Arleigh and I’m so happy to share information about Music Video Dance Camp, which I created in 2017 and have held at Sunnyside Ballet Studio (Queens, NY) in 2017 and 2018.  I’m incredibly thankful to have a wonderful team who helps me make this vision possible.

I started the camp with the intention of giving youth opportunities to dance in professional music videos with the artist(s) of the song(s).   During the first three days we focus on stretching, dance technique, freestyling, and the choreography I’ve created for the music video.  

During snack breaks, the students write in their journals and I provide video production lessons.  We discuss goal setting, video terminology, and reflect on the camp experiences.

On the fourth or fifth day of camp (dependent on the forecast), we shoot the official music video with the artist of the song.   After I edit the music video, and before it is released, the dancers are invited to a party to see the finished product together!

Although there is a tuition fee for the camp, we (Sunnyside Ballet Studio and I) are proud to share that the 2018 session provided a few Sponsorship and Scholarship Opportunities for participants.

I’m overjoyed as I see students participating in a professional level experience, having fun, learning, making new friends, and becoming increasingly confident with their abilities.   Once the music video is released, participants have something they can share with friends and family forever! 

We’d like to thank #ICANHELP for sharing about the camp and highlight the great work of our dance students and their music video creation. You can see the music video and learn about our program here.

The number one piece of feedback we received is to “please make the camp longer than five days”! :-). We are working on expanding, and I am really looking forward to the 2019 Session.  

Matt SoethSunnyside Ballet