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We are live, Monday 9-17-18, 9:00 AM PST

9:00-9:05 Welcome

9:05-9:15 Jessica Covarrubias: Education Program Lead Google

9:17-9:23 Autumn Chapman

9:25-9:31 Olivia Van Ledtje

9:33-9:48#Digital4 Good On Your Campus Activity

9:50-9:52 Aaron Judge Congratulation Video #AllRise

9:53-9:59 Anthony Porras

10:01-10:07 Claudia Olaes

10:08-10:10 Release of "Pressure Video" by Jenna Galligen

10:11-10:17#ICANHELP Curriculum Launch - "Breaking the News"

10:19-10:25 Zoe Schwab

10:27-10:33 Paris Mousalimas, Simran Grewal, Ishan Gill, Malorie Boumazian

10:35-10:48 Break

10:50-11:00 Jessica McCabe - How to ADHD @howtoadhd

11:02-11:08 Chloe Schilling & Cason Kurowski

11:10-11:16 Caragan Olles

11:18-11:35 #Digital First Responders Small Groups

11:37-11:43 Abbey Perl

11:45-11:51 Hannah Tudor

11:53-12:00 Hip Hop Dancer Jabari Timmons @JabariTimmons

12:02-12:08 Valerie Weisler

12:10-12:12 #IWILLHELP commitment

12:13-12:15 Voting Process

12:15-12:45 Lunch

12:47-12:58 Shane Feldman - "Undercover High School" @ShaneFeldman

1:00-1:40 Polarized Statements Small Groups 1:42-2:12

Learn Through Play with Fair Play Alliance

2:13-2:18 Highlights from #Digital4Good

2:20-2:30Postive Online Challenge #IDIDHELP


Celebrating Student Voice

#Digital4Good is a day for industry and education to come together and celebrate student voice and show how students #uncap the possibilities and use #Digital4Good. On Monday, September 17, 2018 students, educators & industry will come together to celebrate #Digital4Good at Google's Community Space in San Francisco, CA. 

  Jess Hollmeier, Trust and Safety Supercell    

Jess Hollmeier, Trust and Safety Supercell


  Aaron Judge, Right Fielder NY Yankees

Aaron Judge, Right Fielder NY Yankees

  Patricia Cartes, Trust and Safety Postmates    

Patricia Cartes, Trust and Safety Postmates



Digital4Good Livestream

Live from 9:00 AM PST - 2:30 PST on Monday, September 17, 2018 from Google's Offices in San Francisco

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#AllRise To Help

#ICANHELP has joined forces with Aaron Judge, Sharpie and The Players' Tribune to spread more positivity online. When not hitting home runs or making amazing defensive plays in the outfied, Aaron is a force for positivity working to inspire and connect with his fans.

"In this world there is a lot of negativity. If you can draw outside those lines and spread positivity online, that’s the main goal." -Aaron Judge

Your Donation Matters

We could not do what we do without your support. Our sponsors as well as private backers make this work possible. If you'd like to be a sponsor this event or make a donation, please click below. 

Current supporters include: Google, Supercell, Two Hat Security, Sharpie, Class Intercom, Riot Games, Afterschool App, OurPact, Trend Micro, Cyber Safety Consulting, and Post It. 

Together we are powerful. Together we can make a difference.