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Matthew Soeth

Matt Soeth taught Video Production (CTE) and Student Leadership at Kimball High School in Tracy, California. Matt previously served on the board of the California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA) technology coordinator providing professional development to educators and students. He is also an adjunct professor at the Teacher College of San Joaquin where he instructs teachers in technology and mobile applications. Matt has been recognized nationally for providing quality professional development to staff and students. His laid back attitude and sense of humor comes through in all his work, including the videos he produces for the #ICANHELP campaign.

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Kim Karr

Kim Karr taught Physical Education and Leadership at Excelsior Middle School in Byron, Californa, and was a very active member of the California Association of Directors of Activities. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious to students and adults alike. Kim has been recognized nationally for being an outstanding activities director. Having traveled to over 100 schools in the US and Canada in just the past year, she has inspired thousands of people to join the #ICANHELP movement in choosing to live a more positive life on and offline.

Kim Karr and Matt Soeth were dynamic and passionate presenters at our conference. The #ICANHELP presentation is not only timely, but spoke to the heart of our students. Kim and Matt completely integrated themselves into our conference. I believe in a world filled with technology, social media, apps and computers we need to help our students be aware of how they can make a difference and use technology in a constructive way. The #ICANHELP team makes this relevant and does it with a commanding presentation. I highly recommend this team and believe they should be presenting across the nation!
— Terri Johnson, Executive Director, Missouri Association of Student Councils


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