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Use the hashtag #Digital4Good and be a part of the event.

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We are live, Monday 9-17-18, 9:00 AM PST

9:00-9:05 Welcome

9:05-9:15 Jessica Covarrubias: Education Program Lead Google

9:17-9:23 Autumn Chapman

9:25-9:31 Olivia Van Ledtje

9:33-9:48#Digital4 Good On Your Campus Activity

9:50-9:52 Aaron Judge Congratulation Video #AllRise

9:53-9:59 Anthony Porras

10:01-10:07 Claudia Olaes

10:08-10:10 Release of "Pressure Video" by Jenna Galligen

10:11-10:17#ICANHELP Curriculum Launch - "Breaking the News"

10:19-10:25 Zoe Schwab

10:27-10:33 Paris Mousalimas, Simran Grewal, Ishan Gill, Malorie Boumazian

10:35-10:48 Break

10:50-11:00 Jessica McCabe - How to ADHD @howtoadhd

11:02-11:08 Chloe Schilling & Cason Kurowski

11:10-11:16 Caragan Olles

11:18-11:35 #Digital First Responders Small Groups

11:37-11:43 Abbey Perl

11:45-11:51 Hannah Tudor

11:53-12:00 Hip Hop Dancer Jabari Timmons @JabariTimmons

12:02-12:08 Valerie Weisler

12:10-12:12 #IWILLHELP commitment

12:13-12:15 Voting Process

12:15-12:45 Lunch

12:47-12:58 Shane Feldman - "Undercover High School" @ShaneFeldman

1:00-1:40 Polarized Statements Small Groups 1:42-2:12

Learn Through Play with Fair Play Alliance

2:13-2:18 Highlights from #Digital4Good

2:20-2:30Postive Online Challenge #IDIDHELP


Celebrating Student Voice

#Digital4Good is a day for industry and education to come together and celebrate student voice and show how students #uncap the possibilities and use #Digital4Good. On Monday, September 17, 2018 students, educators & industry will come together to celebrate #Digital4Good at Google's Community Space in San Francisco, CA.