Online Community and Parent Program from #ICANHELP

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Create a Positive Environment by Guiding Local Youth and Community Towards Spreading Positivity Online

Are you doing everything you can to help local youth spread positivity and delete negativity online?

Before answering this question, read below about how you can create a positive environment within your school and local community, starting with parents. Parents have unique opportunities to impact their children and the children of others. But, they have to have the knowledge and support to help when it comes to building a positive community in terms of online activity. 

Take the online course designed by the parents and educators behind #ICANHELP that will help fellow parents guide their children towards spreading positivity and deleting negativity online.

What’s Included: Online Community and Parent Program from #ICANHELP

The #ICANHELP Parent Course will educate your community, including parents, on how to support youth in being safe and positive online. Once the online course is purchased by your school or organization, you will share the course with parents through a link sent by the #ICANHELP team. Parents can then access the course when their schedule allows. 

The Community and Parent Program course covers the latest trends in social media. It also...

  • comes with 8 unique lessons that cover privacy, reporting, and information about social media apps,

  • educates parents on how they can support their children in being safe online, 

  • is filled with questions and tips for parents to discuss social media with their students, 

  • guides them on how to help their child report social media issues, and  

  • is offered in Spanish and English. 

How to Bring the Online Community and Parent Program from #ICANHELP to Your School

Ready to empower parents to guide their children and others towards positivity and to delete negativity online? Take action now by bringing the online community and parent program by #ICANHELP to your school community. 

To bring additional value to your school community, this online course can be paired with #ICANHELP school assemblies and workshops, and #ICANHELP school curriculum.

The license for your school for this program is just $995. If you bring #ICANHELP to your school for a presentation, you will receive a $500 discount on the online Community and Parent Program course. Get started by clicking sign up below.