Online Professional Development for Teachers from #ICANHELP


Build Social Media Trust on Your School Campus  

Is social media having a positive impact on your school’s culture? 

If students are not being guided to use technology and social media in positive ways, incidents that can damage your school culture and put students at-risk are likely. Take a proactive and intentional approach to building a culture of trust and positivity around social media.  

#ICANHELP has worked with schools across the country for over a decade, helping them delete negativity and spread positivity online. We offer unique learning experiences and training for students, teachers, administrators, and parents, both online and offline. 

Bring professional development training to teachers at your school with the #ICANHELP “Build Social Media Trust on Your School Campus” online course. The comprehensive course will guide your staff in building your social media presence, manage content, and develop digital citizenship skills for teachers and students. 

What’s Included: Online Professional Development for Teachers from #ICANHELP

The Professional Development Course for Teachers from #ICANHELP was created by teachers who have been successfully navigating social media within schools for over a decade. The course focuses on real-life scenarios, current efforts active in schools across the country, and simple tasks designed to help you learn. As the name applies, the lessons in this course are all geared towards building trust in social media on your campus. 

The online “Build Social Media Trust on Your School Campus” course will teach your school’s teachers how to do the following: 

  • build student social media teams, 

  • communicate effectively on the topic of social media,

  • develop and manage social media content, and 

  • guide students on how to report and remove negative content.

How to Bring Social Media Positivity Student Curriculum from #ICANHELP to Your School  

Empower your teachers to guide students towards being positive online and contributing to a desirable school culture. Click sign up below to inquire on how to bring the “Build Social Media Trust on Your School Campus” online course to your teachers.