Online Professional Development from #ICANHELP

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Build Social Media Trust on Your School Campus

What do you want your school’s culture to become? 

To reach your goals, being proactive around social media has to become a priority. By being proactive, you can prevent social media disasters, build social media trust, and create a positive environment within your school community. 

At #ICANHELP, we give you unique learning experiences, both online and offline, to give your school the best tools and training to respond to negative online content and build a positive culture both online and offline. Learn more about our online professional development course or sign up below! 

What’s Included: Online Professional Development Training from #ICANHELP  

In this online professional development course for administrators, our award-winning trainers will provide you with interactive and informative learning opportunities around social media, devices, lesson planning, and student engagement. 

You and your staff will learn how to do the following: 

  • Report social media incidents

  • Reach out to social media companies

  • Remove content that violates terms

  • Create and update your school and district policy

  • Understand relevant laws

  • Increase communication 

  • Develop your own incident response plan

How to Bring Online Professional Development Training to Your School  

Our Online Professional Development Training course is ready to go to work for your staff and school. Give your administrators access to the social media training they need to guide teachers and students today. 

The investment required is just $649 for your school staff.

Get started by clicking sign up below. We’ll bring our decades of experience and success working with staff and students to change the culture around social media at your school. 

To bring additional value to your school community, online professional development can be paired with #ICANHELP school assemblies and workshops, and #ICANHELP school curriculum.  

Have questions before getting started? Contact us today!

If online professional development is not the best fit for your staff, build trust in social media through our in-person course. Learn more here.