In Person Training and Professional Development



#ICANHELP programs for teachers will give you actionable tools to bring online positivity to your campus, delete negativity, and teach you on how other schools are successfully handling social media within their community. Programs available for teachers include:  

Building Trust in Social Media on Your Campus Professional Development Course (In-Person)

In this in-person version of our popular professional development course for administrators or teachers, our award-winning trainers will provide you with interactive and informative learning opportunities around social media, devices, lesson planning, and student engagement.

Although student buy-in is needed to positively and permanently change your school’s culture, the change starts with administrators and teachers dedicating themselves to this change and bringing it to their district and school.

You will be guided through real-life scenarios, learn about current efforts active in schools across the country, and be walked through tasks designed to help you learn how to improve your school community.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Build your school’s social media presence,

  • Successfully manage content, and

  • Develop digital citizenship skills for yourself and your students.