Programs Transform Your School’s Culture Around Social Media and Digital Citizenship with #ICANHELP Programs 


Empower students on your campus to use social media on a more positive, healthy way and provide them with the tools for good citizenship. Find the right program for you and your school here!  

“Our students are now rethinking the way they communicate through social media. #ICANHELP has become a part of our culture.” — Bridget Spires, Principal Dallas Ranch Middle School

What impact has social media had on the wellbeing of your students and school culture? A single negative social media post can cause panic and deteriorate your school’s culture. There are also signs that there is a correlation between negativity on social media and the mental health of teenagers. 

Not only can bullying directly impact the mental health of those being bullied, it can hurt bystanders who are witnessing their peers being bullied. “Bystanders are significantly affected by the bullying they witness or hear about, so much so that they may be at an increased risk of self-harming behavior,” wrote Prof. Ian Rivers. Students who witness bullying are also more likely to abuse substances, experience depression and anxiety, and be absent from school. 

While the consequences of negativity on social media are clear, the positives are often overlooked. A single positive post can spread just as easily as a negative post -- but it doesn’t happen on accident. Through intentional action, #ICANHELP has had measurable success helping schools implement programs to shift their social media culture to a more positive and healthy place. 

#ICANHELP was sparked by a social media incident that tested the preparedness of a high school to handle online bullying and harassment. Over the past decade we have partnered with teachers, students, parents, policymakers, and corporations to create this movement and proactive programming. We are changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of students across the country and strengthening local communities, both online and offline. 

We can do the same for you and your school!  

What Our Programs Have Brought to School Communities Like Yours. #ICANHELP Success Stories. 

Bring this movement to your school with #ICANHELP programs. Our programs are designed to enable you to: 

  • Respond to negative online content

  • Prevent negativity from spreading

  • Spread positivity online 

  • Build a positive online culture

  • Build a positive culture offline

  • Develop new skills in yourself and your students

  • Engage teachers, administrators, the local community, and students in impactful online issues

#ICANHELP Programs: Opportunities to Bring Social Media Positivity to Your School

Our programs are designed for teachers, students, administrators and parents. Find the program right for you below. If you have any questions not answered on the program pages, please contact us today


#ICANHELP programs for teachers will give you actionable tools to bring online positivity to your campus, delete negativity, and teach you on how other schools are successfully handling social media within their community. Programs available for teachers include:  

  • Building Trust in Social Media on Your Campus Professional Development Course (Online)

In this informational online course created by teachers who have been successfully navigating social media within schools for over a decade, you will be guided through real-life scenarios, current efforts active in schools across the country, and simple tasks designed to help you learn. The lessons in this course are all geared towards building trust in social media on your campus, which as you will learn, is important for every school community. 

In this course, you will learn how to: 

  • build your school’s social media presence,

  • successfully manage content, and

  • develop digital citizenship skills for yourself and your students.

  • Building Trust in Social Media on Your Campus Professional Development Course (In-Person)

In this in-person version of our popular professional development course for teachers, our award-winning trainers will provide you with interactive and informative learning opportunities around social media, devices, lesson planning, and student engagement. 

You will be guided through real-life scenarios, learn about current efforts active in schools across the country, and be walked through tasks designed to help you learn how to improve your school community. 

In this course, you will learn how to: 

  • build your school’s social media presence,

  • successfully manage content, and

  • develop digital citizenship skills for yourself and your students.


Students are the most vital aspect of creating, developing, and maintaining a positive school culture. To get their buy-in when reshaping your school’s culture, they need to be involved. #ICANHELP recommends in-person assemblies and the #ICANHELP Student Curriculum to not only involve students in your social media positivity efforts, but to empower them to lead these efforts. 

  • #ICANHELP School Training and Assemblies

Bring #ICANHELP to your school with hour-long interactive presentations geared towards specific grade levels. To date, #ICANHELP has trained over 400,000 students in the United States and Canada with our nationally recognized program.

Presentations include: 

  • #ICANHELP Elementary, 

  • #ICANHELP Middle School, and

  • #ICANHELP High School. 

Each presentation will include ideas for students and staff to use immediately, interactive and engaging content, and a sample of our curriculum. 

#ICANHELP Student Curriculum 

#ICANHELP has developed an in-depth curriculum that is designed to proactively prevent negativity and spread both positivity and digital citizenship in your school. 

The lessons in this program will connect students' offline behavior with online behavior, encouraging deep thought and positive change. The program includes: 

  • 50+ Lessons on digital citizenship and online safety,

  • activity guides, 

  • year-long calendar,

  • social media calendar,

  • learning objectives,

  • reflection opportunities, 

  • follow-up activities, and

  • peer-to-peer and teacher-led lessons.


Although student buy-in is needed to positively and permanently change your school’s culture, the change starts with administrators and teachers dedicating themselves to this change and bringing it to their district and school. This is why #ICANHELP programming for administrators is essential.  

  • Social Media Safety and Incident Response Course for Administrators (Online)

The Social Media Safety and Incident Response Course was built for administrators and student resource officers (SRO) to help them in the following areas: 

  • reporting social media incidents,

  • contacting social media companies, 

  • removing content that violates:

    • terms

    • policy

    • law, and

  • developing your incident response plan. 


Parents have unique opportunities to impact their children that teachers, school administrators, and others simply don’t have. What they tell and teach their children matters. 

For parents looking to be a source of positive guidance for their child when it comes to spreading positivity online and avoiding and deleting negativity, #ICANHELP developed an online course. 

  • #ICANHELP Parent Course (Online) 

The #ICANHELP Parent Course will educate parents on how they can support their children in being safe online. Schools can share this course to parents by using a link sent by the #ICANHELP team after the course is purchased. This course will cover all of the latest trends in social media, present them with questions and tips to discuss with their children, and help them guide their child how to report social media issues. As an admin, you can incentivize this course by offering a free shirt or a front of line pass at back to school registration.  

Take Action to Transform Your School’s Culture with #ICANHELP Programs 

Don’t delay bringing social media positivity to your school and community. Whether you have questions or budget restrictions, we can work with you and look forward to doing so. Take action today!