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Because of our #ICANHELP program, our students are now rethinking the way they communicate through social media. #ICANHELP has become a part of our culture at Dallas Ranch.
— Bridget Spires, Principal Dallas Ranch Middle School

At #ICANHELP we offer unique learning experiences both online and offline. Our comprehensive resources are designed to give schools the best tools and training to respond to negative online content and build a positive culture both online and offline.

Online Professional Development for Teachers:

Comprehensive online course that will guide you in building your social media presence, manage content, and develop digital citizenship skills for yourself and your students.

School Training and assemblies

We provide hour long interactive presentations geared towards specific grade levels. To date, #ICANHELP has trained over 400,000 students in the United States and Canada with our national recognized program.


Online Professional Development for administrators:

This course will provide you with insight and resources into policy language around social media use and how to respond when a negative social media post goes viral at your campus.

Online Community and Parent Program

Our interactive online parent program features 8 unique chapters covering privacy, reporting, and app trends parents need to know. Plus, it’s online allowing your parents to access on their own schedule or as part of a parent university program.


The #ICANHELP curriculum is a proactive curriculum specifically designed by teachers to prevent negativity and spread positivity and digital citizenship in your school. The lessons in the curriculum will connect offline behavior with online behavior, encouraging deep thought and positive change.

In Person Professional Development

#ICANHELP has over 20 years of teaching and administrative experience. Our award winning trainers will provide you interactive and informative learning opportunities around social media, devices, lesson planning and student engagement.

Success Stories