#ICANHELP Presentation - All Grade Levels

#IWILLHELP Workshop - All Grade Levels

#IDIDHELP Follow Up - All Grade Levels

#COMMUNITY Outreach - Community Stakeholders

#STAFFCANHELP  Professional Development - School Faculty/Staff

•Hour long presentation geared toward specific grade levels

•Interactive and customized content for each level; elementary, middle and high school

•Presents ideas for students and staff to use immediately

•Includes #ICANHELP curriculum book with 25 lessons

•1st year and 2nd year presentation available

#ICANHELP has been the go to resource for YVHS and for many of my colleagues. Their assistance in guiding our community through the digital age has been a blessing and helped to reduce social media related discipline.
— Efa Huckaby, Principal Ygnacio Valley High School

•Follow up workshop after the #ICANHELP presentation

•Leaders on your campus will be trained (leadership class, athletes, club presidents, faculty, community stakeholders etc) to take the presentation to the next level of commitment and posting positivity online

•The workshop embraces the “I Do, We Do, You Do” model, teaching students to create an #ICANHELP action plan for your school with the guidance and support of the #ICANHELP team

•Students will complete a site analysis to determine what areas they want to address and then create an

•#ICANHELP action plan to create campus change and build excitement among staff and students

•After #ICANHELP leaves your school, we want to hear and see what your school and students are doing

•Following the development of your action plan, work with an #ICANHELP coach to continue spreading positive messages through social media.

•Get recognized by the #Digital4Good team for sharing your school's positive actions and an opportunity to be rewarded at our #Digital4Good day where students are recognized and awarded for their positive work using technology

•Be sure to continue to share your positive progress with #ICANHELP long after we have left your campus so we can share your great work!

• An #ICANHELP Community Outreach Event can help community members to understand how they too, can influence positive behavior in schools and the surrounding areas.

•This program educates the audience on social media trends and issues that young people face today

•Invite your community stakeholders such as government officials, parents, board members, feeder schools, surrounding schools and all staff, to join you in learning about how to support your school and its students.

•Personally invite people you want at the event to help change your school and community culture


It all started when...

#ICANHELP provides interactive assemblies focused on social media issues tailored specifically to elementary school, middle school and high school students. We also provide multi-school Digital Leadership Training to equip students with everything they need to take steps against negativity online. Workshops for parents are also available.


We offer assemblies for elementary school, middle school and high school. The content covered in each assembly varies by age. You can check out our descriptions here. Also, feel free to contact us if you have specific questions. 

•Work with staff on lesson planning, apps, and social media to use in the classroom to best model and guide appropriate student behavior

•Work with administrators and school leaders on the best way to investigate negative online behavior and which laws guide what we can and cannot due when investigating incidents and searching phones

•Train staff to use #ICANHELP Digital Citizenship curriculum

Because of our #ICANHELP program, our students are now rethinking the way they communicate through social media. #ICANHELP has become a part of our culture at Dallas Ranch.
— Bridget Spires, Principal Dallas Ranch Middle School