Social Media Positivity Student Curriculum from #ICANHELP

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Enable Positivity to Form and Spread on Your School’s Campus with the #ICANHELP Student Curriculum

How does your school handle harmful social media incidents? 

 Due to the impact social media will have on your school’s campus, social media training is essential in creating, developing, and maintaining a positive school culture. Training can proactively prevent incidents that ruin or disrupt positive school cultures around the country. 

The #ICANHELP Student Curriculum will engage your students in social media positivity activities and empower them to lead these efforts. At #ICANHELP we offer unique learning experiences both online and offline. Our comprehensive resources are designed to give schools the best tools and training to respond to negative online content and build a positive culture. As of late 2019, #ICANHELP has trained over 430,000 in the United States and Canada and is prepared to bring our culture-shifting curriculum to your school.

What’s Included: Student Curriculum from #ICANHELP

Developed by trained and experienced teachers, the #ICANHELP curriculum is a proactive curriculum designed to prevent negativity and spread both positivity and digital citizenship in your school. The curriculum connects offline behavior with online behavior, and encourages deep thought and positive change. 

The curriculum includes: 

  • Over 50 lessons on digital citizenship and online safety 

  • Activity guides

  • Year-long calendar

  • Social media calendar

  • Follow-up activities

  • Learning objectives

  • Reflection activities

  • Peer-to-peer or teacher-led lessons 

The curriculum is offered to recipients of our in-person presentations, which are engaging and interactive. Presentations are targeted for students in grades 4-12.

Programs include: 

  • #ICANHELP Elementary, 

  • #ICANHELP Middle School, and

  • #ICANHELP High School. 

Each presentation will include ideas for students and staff to use immediately, interactive and engaging content, and a sample of our curriculum. 

How to Bring Social Media Positivity Student Curriculum from #ICANHELP to Your School
Ready to help your students take a proactive stance against negativity on social media? Take action. Bring an #ICANHELP presentation and comprehensive student curriculum to your school.  Costs vary depending on location and the needs of your school. 

Get started by clicking sign up below. We’ll bring our years of experience and the curriculum that’s been developed over the course of a decade to your students and school.