Social Media Positivity School Training and Assemblies from #ICANHELP

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Bring the Training Your School Needs to Spread Positivity and Delete Negativity from #ICANHELP

Create a positive school culture and community around social media positivity. We can help! 

Our most popular offering here at #ICANHELP is our social media positivity school training and assemblies. At #ICANHELP, we offer unique learning experiences both online and offline. Our comprehensive resources are designed to give your school the best tools and training. Your staff and students will be able to respond to negative online content and build a positive culture both online and offline.  

We provide hour-long interactive presentations geared towards specific grade levels. To date, #ICANHELP has trained well over 430,000 students in the United States and Canada with our national recognized program. 

What’s Included: School Training and Assemblies from #ICANHELP <H2> 

School training and assemblies from #ICANHELP are conducted in-person at your school. Members from the #ICANHELP team will travel to your school and host a live, interactive assembly that will engage your students in what is means to be positive on social media, how to report social media content and get it removed, and much more. 

Presentations are targeted for students in grades 3-12. The presentation at your school will depend on your specific needs and the age of your students. Programs include: 

#ICANHELP Elementary

Children in elementary school are getting their first taste of social media and being part of online communities. Intended for students in grades 3-6, the #ICANHELP Elementary School presentation will address basic digital etiquette. They will lean the following:

  • The importance of asking for permission before posting pictures of others

  • What is acceptable to share and what should not be shared online

  • Student privacy

  • Digital drama

  • Thinking before a post or comment is made

  • Age restrictions

  • How to stand up for others

  • And much more! 

#ICANHELP Middle School

Middle school students have likely been using social media for several years. However, most have not been taught how to use it properly. The #ICANHELP Middle School presentation will use real-life examples to help middle school students understand the following: 

  • Digital footprint

  • The importance of spreading positivity

  • What “liking” a post actually means

  • How to stay positive online

  • Tools they can use to stay positive and stop negativity

  • The risks with sexting

  • And more

#ICANHELP High School

High school students will dive deep into the subject of social media positivity with the help of #ICANHELP through our presentation created specifically for them. Real-life examples, both good and bad, will be used to demonstrate the power of online positivity and the harm that can come from negativity online. Subjects explored during this one-hour presentation will include: 

  • Cyberbullying

  • Harassment

  • Sexting

  • Standing up for others

  • Social media’s affect on mental health

  • The impact social media can have on job searches, scholarships, and more

  • Staying safe on social media 

As mentioned, each presentation will include ideas for students and staff to use immediately, interactive and engaging content, and our curriculum. Contact us today to get started.

You can pair your #ICANHELP assembly and training with our curriculum which help keep the message going year round.

Ask about our student leadership train the trainer programs where we work with students on your campus to be mentors to students on your campus or your feeder schools.