Trainings and Assemblies

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Students are the most vital aspect of creating, developing, and maintaining a positive school culture. To get their buy-in when reshaping your school’s culture, they need to be involved. #ICANHELP recommends in-person assemblies and the #ICANHELP Student Curriculum to not only involve students in your social media positivity efforts, but to empower them to lead these efforts.

#ICANHELP School Training and Assemblies

Bring #ICANHELP to your school with hour-long interactive presentations geared towards specific grade levels. To date, #ICANHELP has trained over 400,000 students in the United States and Canada with our nationally recognized program.

Presentations include:

  • #ICANHELP Elementary,

  • #ICANHELP Middle School, and

  • #ICANHELP High School.

Each presentation will include ideas for students and staff to use immediately, interactive and engaging content, and a sample of our curriculum.

You can pair your #ICANHELP assembly and training with our curriculum which help keep the message going year round.

Ask about our student leadership train the trainer programs where we work with students on your campus to be mentors to students on your campus or your feeder schools.